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My Christmas needs saving



Today I got smacked right in the kisser by this calendar post.

It’s the week leading into Christmas and I’m finding myself to be a bit grinchy this year. And I love this season..the music, friendly gatherings, time off work, our cozy family room complete with wood stove and lovely decorated hearth.


Cozy family room at Christmas

I  am blessed beyond measure – mom to a happy, healthy toddler and wife of a handsome, loving man and rock star dad. And still…my inner Scrooge has been rearing its ugly head for weeks.

So what gives? Or rather, who gives? I’m not giving myself a break.  My checklist is a mile long and I cringe every time I get close to crossing something off and my plans get foiled.  I’m also not giving myself the opportunity to relish what this season is actually about…another very special baby boy, Jesus.

That’s right, Jesus. Over 2,000 years ago, He left heaven and entered this crazy world  (well, pre-Christmas craziness, so how bad could it have been?), as a baby, born in a stable full of animals to a 15 or 16-year-old girl and her fiancé.  Now THAT would be a killer reality show moment! And every year, we have the opportunity to acknowledge His birthday, and here I am, whining and making it all about me!! I actually said a few weeks ago that I was annoyed that I’d have to go to church on Christmas morning. Um, excuse me, did I mention it’s HIS birthday?! How did I let things get so out of control?

Fast forward to today and this humbling calendar reminder. I’m going to make a conscious effort for the rest of 2016 to re-focus. Remember what, and who, really matters.

And in the midst of the mundane, I’m going to remember a King leaving all of glory to save me and all of us, making His entrance on an ordinary night to ordinary people. And this King celebrates you and me every day because He loves us. For this, I will delight in Him and enjoy celebrating Him this Christmas.

If you need a quick, cheap way to liven up one of the holiday’s most thankless tasks – washing the dishes – try this!