Yellow means slow down

Yellow means slow down

Yellow is my favorite color. It all started around 2007 when I found an engagement ring with yellow diamonds… it was love at first sight…with my husband too, of course! Yellow was also my grandfather’s favorite color, and he is the one of the best human beings I’ve ever known, i.e. good company for color preferences. And now, I cannot get enough of it – the sight and even the thought of it make me smile. What a happy color!

Cue this morning when driving my chatty toddler to school. He knows “green means go” and “red means stop” (thanks, “Go Dog, Go!”), but when asked what yellow meant, he replied “I don’t know,” in the sweetest tone you can imagine. I replied, “yellow means slow down.” And we went about our morning.

A little later, I was thinking how most of us forget the meaning of slowing down. Perhaps it’s because we are so addicted to the hustle and bustle of life that we are always looking for green lights. And perhaps yellow signals most of us to RACE THROUGH a traffic light to AVOID the red. We don’t want to slow down.

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared this article on social media yesterday, about how families try to cram SO much into our daily lives. Sports, lessons, parties, doctor appointments – we have too much on our plates and we rush from one activity to the next to make it magically fit into our busy schedules! In doing so as parents, we fail to give our kids what they REALLY need most, US. Is this really the best we can offer our children?

I’m not trying to point fingers, rather I’m raising my hand. I’m SO guilty of leading a crazy busy life, finding something to do with nearly every moment available… I even DOUBLE BOOK myself some days! My husband gently called me out on this a few weeks ago. We need to leave some free time for kicking a ball outside, trying new recipes (with spare time to make something else if they fail), puddle jumping, building tunnels with blocks, date nights, meaningful face-to-face conversations. We can run ourselves into the ground trying to create the most exciting social media personas OR we can breathe a little, embrace the ordinary moments which can make seemingly better memories.

Friends, please consider joining me in observing the yellow light. We can’t slow time, but we can slow down. I believe yellow, even yellow lights, will bring you some happiness too!

I am thrilled to bring this revelation in my “Year of Light.” Thanks for joining me on the journey!


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