2017: Year of Light

2017: Year of Light

Yes, I know. 2016 has been a vicious year. I’ve read too many social media posts about the U.S. presidential election and sadness over celebrity deaths and how this YEAR is conspiring against us all. I’ve felt that way at times too. I’ve struggled as a mother to try to have it all together, but very often, I came up empty and felt like a failure. I have dear friends who faced divorce or loss of a parent. An old friend from college lost her battle to cancer, leaving behind a young son and husband on Thanksgiving.

In the midst of all of this, I clung to my faith and my 2016 “theme” which was Strength. Let’s just say the good Lord worked in many magnificent ways to reveal truth to me about this topic, most notably that always trying to do things in my own strength is futile and I need to lean on others and God to really thrive. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the Strong’s Concordance, which will help me study the Bible more deeply and strengthen my faith – and how about the tie to my theme!

In preparing for 2017 and pondering my new theme, I felt very strongly that Light is what I need to focus on. Perhaps it was inspired from a line from my favorite Christmas songlet your heart be light. Or maybe it’s because I’m suffering from a slight case of seasonal affective disorder and I’m just clinging to whatever sunlight I can get! I feel like I have a lot to learn about how to lighten my burdens and develop better habits – especially financial and housekeeping – that will free my soul to enjoy life more abundantly. I am also seeking a light-er, healthier body this year.

My concordance (mentioned above) notes over 350 references to Light and its variations. I look forward to exploring many of these during my 2017 journey – it will be delightful!

I challenge you, friends, to define a theme for 2017. I find it way less stressful than a resolution and feel it can actually be more impactful as you let your theme pervade your life and bring light to things you may not even have considered when you kicked off the year. Please feel free to comment/share your 2017 aspirations below.

As I am desperately trying to teach my 18-month old to say by this weekend — Happy New Year.


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  1. A theme sounds so much better than a resolution. I pick two, Peace & Happiness. Striving for both in our house this coming year.

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